DAM - Digital Asset Management

How Chorus now supports creative conversations

Digital tools for file storage and collaborative communication came into their own this year. But many creative teams found they needed a more joined-up combination for effective collaboration - so we started looking for a way to make this happen. Read more

Chorus update transforms remote creative teamwork

From subtle user experience tweaks to whole new tools, we're always working on ways to make Chorus more usable, capable and powerful. However, when it comes to the groundbreaking features that make up this particular update, we feel like shouting from the rooftops. Why? We think it's an amazing creative collaboration tool for anyone using Chorus – especially those doing so remotely. Read more

How Chorus gives social media teams time to think

Social media teams have to be responsive and consistent - but keeping effective, good quality media flowing across multiple platforms doesn't always leave breathing space for strategic work. Here's how Chorus automates the digital content management chores that can eat up your time. Read more